Lapping it up

We have been dreaming about this for a long time, and have rationalised that if we don’t hurry up and do it we will be dead before we actually undertake this epic adventure.

So off we go!  In two days time we will be pointing the car and caravan north, and will keep going anticlockwise until we are home again.

Travellers of the legendary BIG LAP!

 IMG_6746          IMG_7592 2

John, retired engineer, trainee DIY, and player of bagpipes (that he has been forbidden to take on the journey!)

Jan, midwife who still works sometimes, writer of journals, and fearless navigator.

Cody, the dog.  Six months old and unbearably busy, but with the potential to be a great little travelling companion when he grows up a bit.

Betty, the Mazda BT50 that is taking us on the journey, and Irene (Goddess of Peace and Tranquility), the caravan that will be our home for the next few months.

Watch this space!IMG_5872.jpeg


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