Reflections, wining and whining

This corner of Australia is so beautiful, and if not for family, I would consider living here! Flowers seem to like it here too, and bloom large and prolific and colorful. The roses are truly spectacular, and some grow in clusters rather than on single stems. I have never seen anything like it!


Roadside stalls offer deliciously sweet strawberries, and this area is home to the Pink Lady apple, so they are cheap and fresh. The hills roll gently, the climate is balmy and everything seems to love growing here. Even the cows and sheep smile.


After a night at a quaint little caravan park on a working farm, we set off with our friends to a somewhat elusive bush camp beside a small clear lake and absolutely chilled in the solitude and silence.

IMG_2633    IMG_2618

Well, almost silence. No machinery or human noises, but a lot of frogs and parakeets and occasional wind rustling through the trees. Tristan swam and rescued a lot of sticks and looked very happy to be untethered and free to roam. We were in the middle of a large pine forest with gargantuan trees towering over soft beds of pine needles, which invited one to curl up and take a nap on their softness. We walked the red paths, sometimes clambouring over fallen tree trunks and getting caught in the prickles from wild blackberry bushes, but I loved it!

We took leisurely meals together outside (sometimes competing with the pesky little bush flies) and played a silly word game that had us laughing and hurling insults at our partners.

While I love John’s company, it was good to spend this time in the company of our friends Lee and Peter and catch up and socialize and relish the moments together..


It was an enlightening and most enjoyable three days.

After they left we explored deeper into the forest and found another lake, but it wasn’t as nice as “our” lake……

We packed up with some sadness, and sad-eyed Tristan couldn’t get his miserable little chin off the ground, but it was time for a new adventure, and our spirits lifted considerably when we discovered a wonderful little country bakery selling mouth-watering home made apple pies.

Now we are in Busselton, a friendly medium-sized town near Margaret River, boasting the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere, and we walked its 1.84km length yesterday.


There was a little train, but that’s for wimps.

Last night we went to the local RSL to meet some locals, and enjoyed a plate of no-frills hot food that cost us the princely sum of $5. We talked with the couple at our table (who were originally British…), shouting to be heard above the raucous amplified voice of the guy calling out raffle ticket winners.

Wine country!  Ideal for grape growing, and near the bottom of Australia with its wild and sometimes treacherous coastline IMG_2636

Explored some of the wineries in the Margaret River region today, and although we tried hard we couldn’t manage to visit them all! Lots of Elliott sampling of wine and cheese and chocolate, a little buying, a wonderful meal, some time in the sun, and a ramble in the woods made for a great day!

IMG_2681                        IMG_2768

Poor Tristan spent a lot of time tied up to sundry trees and bushes waiting for us to finish sampling, and had a bit of a wistful whine in an attempt to elicit some sympathy – thus the ramble. We haven’t told him yet, but tomorrow we are going to go back and do it all over again.


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