Wine, Titans and Critters

Western Australia, I am SO impressed with you! I didn’t expect this. You look like Tasmania, or New Zealand  – or even Ireland. No one told me you were this green and wonderful, with your splendid, straight, towering gums,


and your emerald green fields and your lovely little frolicking lambs and goats and llamas and cows.

IMG_2295 IMG_2284

Okay, not a lot of frolicking from the cows, but they did smile a lot at the banquet stretching before them.


Today was such a good day of discovery around Denmark. No, not the country. We have come a long way, but not that far….. Denmark was named not after the country, but after the surgeon on the ship that originally found this place. It was indeed a good find!. We have not even explored the beach area yet, as the area inland is just too good to ignore. Beaches later.

We drove the scenic trail passing by the many wineries, which, as well as offering wine tastings, also offered cheese tastings and pickle tastings and chutney tastings and jam tastings and mustard tastings; all home made!


Damn, it was good!! Home made ice cream too.

We meandered ‘home’ with smiling tummies, laden with newly purchased wine, cheese and yummy condiments after an excellent lunch at one of the wineries set in a beautiful garden by a pond.


Our journey took us along picturesque lanes lined with magnificent gum trees with straight, smooth trunks,


by lakes with ducks, beside picture-book grazing fields, and it was almost as boringly perfect as Norway.

We have done a lot of walking here, and I just can’t get enough of this place – which has to be one of my favorite places in Australia.

But there is a lot I haven’t seen yet…..


Today we drove to the Valley of the Giants, home of the mammoth tingle tree, a variety of red eucalyptus. I felt very small and insignificant as we crept along the walkway fringed by these 400 year old titans, most around 75 metres tall with a 20 metre girth.

IMG_2331  IMG_2335

They were already 150 years old when the Europeans first came to Australia! What stories they could tell!

Our homewards journey took us past a huge deer farm with hundreds of spindly legged little creatures happily enjoying the succulent grass, blissfully unaware that some day soon they will be known as venison, and will not be alive to celebrate their new status…..

There was a Dinosaur World with some big plastic things that looked most unexciting, along with a reptile “show” that I could not imagine enjoying, and we gave that one a definite miss.

The weather continues to be bleak and a little chilly, but not unpleasant, and John is eagerly anticipating travelling north to see the rodeo on Saturday, his birthday. I am not sure whether I will be into it. Animals doing what they don’t really want to do etc. But I have a good book, and am looking forward to the Country and Western concert on Friday and the dance party on Saturday night.

It should be an interesting weekend, and a nice way to spend John’s birthday.


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